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I've been making OST's for characters in Cardians: Atlantis! 8D
I so far have Teo, Char, and Cobern QwQ

Here's to more soon hopefully!


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Heya! Welcome to my DeviantART page!
I post random stuff on here a lot, including doodles, commissions, and my TABOO collaboration comics that I do alongside Uzu-Jamake :meow:

My ears are always ready for critiques and comments! Questions are welcome! owo/

Check me out on Youtube!…
Also check out my Tumblr, ask me some questions!!


I've been making OST's for characters in Cardians: Atlantis! 8D
I so far have Teo, Char, and Cobern QwQ

Here's to more soon hopefully!
AATR-Go Fourth! Poster by Nek0ShiChan
AATR-Go Fourth! Poster
sooo I might be joining in on the OCT competition that my friends have been doing a lot.
Have a tiny poster

I am very inexperienced and my charas are very adamant about protecting lives +w+
this oughta be good gosh
tagged by: Milizapiainc ~~

13 facts about myself:
1- I started singing before I started actually saying words.
2- This first fact was because I wasn't a big talker till I was around 4 years old. Before that I took speech classes.
3- The first time I cursed was an accident because my friends had me read some graffiti on a pillar in elementary school. My teacher held me back at recess and I was crying because I had no idea what I'd done.
4- I've been swimming competitively since I was 9 or 10.
5- I only have a few very very close friends.
6- I have a horrible track of time.
7- My favorite type of music is acoustic. Doesn't matter what kind of song as long as it's just a voice and a guitar +w+
8- I drink coffee pretty much everyday, but the time of day is really random. It could be as soon as I wake up or late at night while I'm studying.
9- I like to hang out at Barnes and Noble and just doodle. It's kinda weird, but I like the atmosphere of it.
10- I can be very extroverted with people when I need to, but I have to be pushed out into it sometimes because I love being by myself a lot.
11- For someone who loves to sing a lot, I get major stage fright before going out and singing in front of people I'm not familiar with.
12- I am very picky with my foods.
13- I only go shopping every so often, so when I do go my mom pays for everything because she's excited I'm going out to shop lol.

Questions from Milizapiainc
1- What is your favorite meme?
    I always had a soft spot for the dramatic chipmunk.
2-Which is your favorite fandom at the moment?
    I don't pay attention a whole lot to the fandoms as a whole because sometimes they can kill a show/game for people.
3- Do you have any OC that you love the most?
4- who was your first DA friend?
    Milizapiainc actually!! LOL
5- Any OTP that you want to be confirmed as canon in a game/anime?
    I was so happy when NaruHina was finally confirmed at the end!! Those two were faves of mine +w+
6- Do you prefer to write or draw stuff?
    Depends on what it is for, though I tend to draw more frequently than write
7- If you could be in any videogame, anime or movie, what would it be?
    I would love to be a part of the Marvel universe or Kingdom Hearts
8- What do you find the most difficult to draw/write?
    Really really extreme perspective shots always get to me when I draw QAQ
9- If you could make ATLUS make a new game, what would it be?
    Would it be bad if I said I don't play ATLUS games?? 0w0;; I never had my own system of any kind so I didn't have a lot of my own games OTL
10- Do you prefer sweets or spicy stuff?
    I'm a major sweet tooth~
11- What do you prefer, Tumblr or Deviantart to post your art?
    I post on both, so I don't really notice the difference a lot?? Though for publicity of fan art and stuff Tumblr miiiight be better??
12- What type of videogames do you like?
    I like rpg's with like character creation or decision making involving the plot, with like telltale games and such.
13- Any videogame/anime character you had a crush on?
    Dude I have so many animu boyfriends it's scary hahahaaaaaa ;;

1- What is your favorite place to be in your spare time?
2- Where would you want to travel in the future?
3- When did you first start to write/draw seriously?
4- How far would you go to return a favor to someone?
5- Do you tend to ask for money if you're owed it or just wait?
6- What is your favorite type of food?
7- Do you have one friend that you can confide everything to?
8- How many times have you been hit on/ do you remember when you were hit on for the first time?
9- Do you have stage fright?
10- Do you have any pets?
11- Have you thought about what's ahead or do you prefer living in the now?
12- What is your favorite TV series that you've binge watched?
13- What kind of life do you want to lead?

Uzu-Jamake Getanimated 0tacoon Sharkielle
Don't do it if you don't want to, I'm just doing it for kicks owo~/
if anyone else wants to answer my questions feel free!!

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